Be Bold, Be Brave

Today I am officially a quarter of a century old. 25. Man, that came up fast.

The last year has been full of wonderful memories, personal/professional challenges, heartache, and love. And I expect no less of the next.

I cheered as dear friends and family married their soul-mates and watched relationships fall apart. I found an apartment and moved myself in (with a little help from my mama). I celebrated my first year of full-time employment and took my first real vacation (San Francisco, I miss you!). I celebrated new engagements and danced the night away at my brother’s wedding. I mourned the endings of old relationships and toasted the beginnings of new ones. I read books that made me laugh and cry and I learned  the power of a hug and a kind word given honestly and freely. I rediscovered my love for tequila, dancing, and country music. I learned when to lean on others and let them carry me and when to find my feet and walk on my own.  I found my way back to church and opened back up to spiritual conversations.

I’m slowly finding my way back to bliss, cherishing the moments leading me there, and seeking to know my own worth and value.

Though I can honestly say I have no idea who I am or where I’ll end up, I’m facing the challenge and ready for adventure.  As my favorite song from my camp counselor days says, “Be BOLD, be BRAVE, for the Lord thy God is with thee.”

So let’s raise a glass to a year full of all the feels ❤