Fashion Oasis Reveal

I have very exciting news – my Fashion Oasis dressing room is complete!


Well … as complete as any room ever is when I constantly feel the need to move things around, rearrange, and redecorate. But. Finished for now 🙂



I mentioned ordering this Seville Classics Expandable Closet Organizer in an earlier post and it has been such a perfect fit! Unfortunately, when we unpacked the shelf, some of the pieces were damaged. The company sent replacement pieces immediately, it just took some extra time to finish putting the whole thing together.


My mom knew I was looking for a desk and she alerted me when this Target Threshold Basic Desk went on sale earlier this spring. I got it on sale for around $90.00, but it’s still a relatively cheap option at full price. Many of the reviewers were using it in a similar way that I planned to, so I knew it would work well for my needs. I store my non-hanging jewelry in the large drawer and frequently use the desk for blog work or work-work (the one that pays me).



Some of the other items found in my dressing room are listed out below:

  • Gold “A” (gifted)
  • Covered stool (thrifted)
  • Full length mirror (Target, old)
  • Curtains and rod (thrifted)
  • Home crafted burlap bulletin boards (DIY tutorial to come – thrifted supplies)
  • Vintage mirror – my mom found this in a pile of donations and cleaned it up for me. Possibly one of my favorite pieces in the room!


This room has been such a fun project for me and truly makes my apartment feel like my own space. While having a dressing room like this is slightly extravagant, I enjoy using it every day and it inspires me to be creative in other areas of my life as well. Plus, it’s that much more fun to ‘play’ dress up when my friends are over getting ready for a fun night out!



2 thoughts on “Fashion Oasis Reveal

  1. How far out does the drawer of your desk come out? I also want to use it for makeup storing purposes 🙂 Can you fit a good number of products in?


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