The Wedding Guest: Maid of Honor




For those counting, yes, that is two sibling weddings within 12 months of each other (my brother was married last July). Family weddings are the BEST. But there was a little more responsibility on me this time around, as my sister graciously asked me to be her Maid of Honor. Which of course made me cry all the happy tears.


The wedding day was beautiful for an outdoor ceremony, with just a little rogue storm cloud sprinkling some holy water on us halfway through. The bride was beautiful, the groom was beaming, and the world was a happy little glow of love for these two incredible people giving themselves to each other forever.


For the bridal party, instead of everyone purchasing expensive dresses, we opted to try renting through Union Station (previously Little Borrowed Dress). While slightly unconventional (my mother was SO nervous about it), the dresses turned out beautifully!


Here’s how it works:

  • My sister (the bride) reached out and ordered a sample kit, which includes two different styles of dresses for her to try on and swatches of all the colors they offer. She picked a color (royal blue), length, and decided that each bridesmaid could choose her own neckline.
  • Each bridesmaid made an account with the company, measured herself, picked two different sizes to have mailed, decided on which dress design would be most figure-flattering, and placed the order (recommended at least 3 months ahead of the wedding).
  • The two sizes arrived two weeks before the big day and each bridesmaid was responsible for trying on her dresses to determine that one of the sizes would work (in case the company needed to send another size). One of the other bridesmaids actually ended up wearing the smaller size of my dress because hers were both too big, which worked out perfectly!
  • The dresses arrive with a return package, so both dresses are thrown in the bag (unwashed/not dry cleaned), sealed, and tossed in the mail by the next business day. EASY PEASY.

Since the company has re-branded to Union Station, they’ve also slightly changed the process for ordering dresses. The bride now makes a profile on the site and gives Union Station all the bridesmaids’ contact information. US then contacts and reminds the bridesmaids to order their dresses on time and ensures that they order the right color/length/neckline, taking a huge task off the bride’s to-do list. They also rent out neckties, guaranteeing that the groomsmen will match the bridesmaids.


I felt this was such a nice and inexpensive way to get everyone in the same color dress without requiring each bridesmaid to purchase a dress that may or may not be a flattering color/shape/cut on her body. And there is the option to buy these dresses if they ARE your dream dress. Plus, as a wedding party with two very tall girls, one short/petite girl, and two regular height girls, the lengths were appropriate and fitting  on each person. We were all really happy with the final look.


I will say that the two girls with strapless dresses had more struggles with fit than those of us in dresses with straps, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend those unless you have the ability to go into the brick and mortar store to try on in-person. We also went with the cocktail length dresses, so I can’t speak to how the full length dresses work with different heights.

Overall, I was really happy with my experience and would recommend to other brides!

dress Union Station / shoes Vince Camuto via Nordstrom / bracelet and earrings thrifted

[This post is not sponsored and is merely a product I love and I think that you will too! I was not offered compensation for talking about it.] 



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