Housewarming Gift to Warm Some Hearts

I’ve gotten to the stage of my life where some of my friends are just getting settled into being young adult professionals who occasionally have more than just wine in the fridge (this might be a description of me) and others of my friends are getting married and buying houses (yay!).

A group of my college friends traveled to Ohio over the 4th of July weekend to warm up the brand-spankin’ new house of two of my favorite married people! (Yes, this post is belated, I’ve missed you friends!)

There was a moment when describing this trip to a coworker when I realized that usually one brings a housewarming gift to a housewarming party (the coworker may have pointed that out for me…). Upon her recommendation of a board game, I became inspired to put together this fun and festive basket bag of all the things!


After a trip to Target, which doubled as a test of my self-control, I left with two board games, this basket bag, and a 4th of July beach ball (okay, maybe the self-control wasn’t perfect). We later added the two bottles of wine (one red and one white – patriotic!) to fill it out. Add in some fluffy white tissue paper and color-coordinated ribbon, and let the housewarming begin!

Since there were five of us travelling together from Chicago, it seemed practical to have one gift from all. Especially since no one else had remembered the gift part in the first place. So while this is a bit bigger/more expensive than I would give on my own, between five of us it wasn’t too expensive – you could make it bigger or smaller as suited to the occasion. To expand the contents, you could add in solo cups, Tervis Tumblers, fancy crackers, candles, chocolate, or any number of other summer necessities.


How do you welcome friends into their new homes?



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