Protect the Toes!


As someone who wears shoes to death, I try to do everything I can from the outset to prevent visible wear and tear. I weather-treat all leather shoes and boots, I check the weather for appropriate footwear guidance, and I break in heels by wearing them around my apartment before hitting the dance floors.  And finally, I paint the tips of my shoes with nail polish topcoat.


Yes, that’s correct. I discovered this trick during college, when I was walking all over campus in sandals. After one or two wears, the tips of my shoes would be totally ripped up from being caught in the sidewalk cracks, ruining the look of the shoe and aging it before its time.

As someone who is generally rough on her feet, I noticed that despite my brutal treatment, my DIY pedicures lasted much longer. Thank you topcoat polish!

Applying that same logic to my shoes, I started painting the front tips of my sandals with topcoat polish. And it worked like a charm! My sandals lasted SO MUCH longer without getting torn up by the sidewalks. I now treat most of my shoes with a little touch of topcoat around the toe before I wear them, but especially summer heels and sandals, which get the most abuse.

I recently treated my two new pairs of summer heels, as seen in this post, to protect them from the upcoming wear and tear they will be facing on wedding dance floors, bar dance floors, and Chicago sidewalks!


nude heels Vince Camuto via Nordstrom / black heels Calvin Klein via Von Maur 


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