Fashion Oasis

As you all know, at the beginning of September I moved into my new home for the next few years. I love this place so much, especially the little quirks that come with an older building in Chicago. I have been travelling a lot since mid-summer (both during the week and on weekends), so I am still getting settled in my new space.

One item on the To Do list that I’m particularly excited about is converting the spare room at the front of my apartment into a dressing room.

photo 3

One of many old building quirks, I don’t have a closet in the bedroom; instead it’s in the living room. While this living room closet may be sufficient for many people, my clothing and shoe collection overwhelms the available space. Plus, me being an anti-morning person, this set-up makes it difficult to see what all is available for a work outfit. I end up forgetting about that trendy skirt and blouse combo hidden among the racks and opt for a boring jeans/sweater combo that I can see at the front.

photo (1)

Plus, shoes need room to breathe.

An additional quirk, my living room closet is the only real closet in the apartment. There is a small alcove in my bathroom (hidden behind a curtain) containing my vacuum, laundry,  and various cleaning supplies. Thus, I have to figure out storage for daily items, seasonal items, suitcases, etc. all in one closet. WOOF.

So I am starting to undertake the redesign of this room. For now, since I am a recent tenant, I am keeping the renovations to a minimum: décor, furniture, storage.

After much research and internet scouring, I have finally settled on my clothing rack/storage piece. My landlady requested I not install racks onto the walls, which helped narrow my search. Plus, that way I can take it with me when I eventually move out of this apartment. I wanted something really sturdy that could hold a lot of weight, but also with some of my preferred aesthetic (and price). I looked on Etsy and various sites, but none had all three components I was looking for. Until I spotted the Seville Classics Expandable Closet Organizer in Bronze.


I have owned shelving units like this before, so I know it will hold up the weight of my clothing; plus, the shelves are adjustable, which is so convenient!

I plan to install this unit sometime in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I have a gold “A” hung up, a cute covered stool I snagged at my favorite consignment shop, a full length mirror, curtains, and some home crafted burlap bulletin boards (tutorial to come).

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3 (2)

I am still looking for a small vintage desk, a large area rug to cover the sad/ugly carpet, and some other items, but all that will come with time. After I’ve lived here for a while, I hope to freshen this room and the bedroom with a new coat of paint and some updated flooring.

Someday this will become my true fashion oasis.

Along the way, I have been consulting my mom for furniture and design tips – she has impeccable taste and has redone most of the rooms in our family home since my parents purchased it 14 years ago. There are a few areas where we differ in taste, but that is one of the few aspects of being an adult that I’m actually enjoying – having a voice and opinion in the look of my space. With consultation from my mom, of course 😉


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