Nifty Thrifty

Alright, alright, I admit it. Thrifting runs in my family.

My beautiful mama volunteers her time, alongside 100 other women from our diocese, at Cinderella’s Cellar Resale Shop, a wonderful little consignment shop in Iowa. Literally half of my apartment (maybe more than half) has been furnished with thrifted items from the Cellar (as my family calls it) and a good portion of my closet has been supplied from there as well. They have everything – furniture, home decorations, kitchenware, books, collectibles, and clothing.


I always manage to find something for myself or a friend when I help my mom out; when I do my own closet purges, I usually donate all items back to the Cellar. I know it’s contributing to a good cause and my old pieces will be sure to find a new, loving home.

They totally rely on donations to supply their merchandise and the best thing about this shop is that it’s a not-for-profit — all the proceeds from sales benefit the Kahl Home, which is another nonprofit organization. The Kahl Home is run by the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm, who provide senior housing to the elderly community of the Quad Cities, and have been doing so since 1955.

While my personal connection with the shop may make me biased, I know that anyone would find some wonderful treasures here and I HIGHLY recommend you check it out. And if I’m in town, I’ll meet you there!

Just check out the pieces I had to find room for in my suitcase from just one of my many trips to Iowa – LOOOOOOOVE. Keep an eye out for these in future LifeStyle posts.


Coat – This Talbots jacket ($10.00) is the PERFECT weight and color for fall. I’ve been wearing this obsessively since I brought it home and I get so many compliments every time.

photo 1


Skirt – I love the fit and pattern of this maxi skirt ($4.00); it’s perfect for the dark floral trend for the colder months!

photo 2


Shoes – I’m still plotting the best way to wear these brown Clark heels, but for $5.00, I know I will find a look they fit in with swimmingly. Plus, barely worn BCBG heels for $6.00!

photo 5

photo 1 (2)


Clutch – Can y’all just stop for a minute and OH MY GOODNESS how gorgeous is this vintage clutch ($12.00). All gold, all the time. No idea what the brand is, but I am SO glad I spotted this one.

photo 2 (2)


Sweater – Guys. It’s totally Sweater Weather and this Belldini find fits the bill ($6.00).

photo 3


Books – Paperbacks are $1.00 and hardbacks are $2.00 and all of these have been on my reading list for ages. Meant to be.

photo 4

So that comes out to a grand total of $47.00. I might be giving @thriftastic a run for her money. Although, with her recent move to San Francisco, she has a whole new world of thrifting ahead of her. #jealous


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