Moving On Up

Hello jar aficionados,

It’s been far too long and I’ve missed you too. I swear I have an excuse for my lack of posting – literally everything I own is in boxes.

Moving, old apt
Okay, okay, so maybe that’s only been the case for the last week. But before that I had to find a place to live! Like, roof, walls, floor, the whole deal. And lucky me, I found a gorgeous little nook in a neighborhood I’ve been drooling over all summer – Lakeview’s Southport Corridor. It definitely helps that Jeni’s moved into the same area last year #YUM and the new Brown Elephant isn’t too far off either.
Annnnnnnd I was in LA for a week doing work things! Like falling down in Ellen’s office (yes, THAT Ellen. Don’t worry, she wasn’t there to witness) and visiting Ocean Avenue, tween Annie’s anthem for a hot second. And yes, I still know all the words. Plus, Santa Monica Pier, where they have snakes and Ferris Wheels. Keep it weird, LA.
WB sign and me 2
WB gate
Ellen door
snake and birds Santa Monica Pier Santa Monica beach line and skyline Farris Wheel 2
Still, I know none of this makes up for it. So I’ll be making amends by posting some final summer looks I’ve been wearing ALL SUMMER LONG just in time for end-of-summer sales purchase inspiration.
P.S. Happy Labor Day!
Fancy bathroom man

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