Nifty Thrifty

A few weekends ago, I travelled out to the Logan Square area to embark on a thrifting adventure with Instagram Queen, @thriftastic, a close friend of mine. She has such a great eye for finding beautiful and unique pieces and putting them to use in a variety of ways – follow her for more insider tips and ideas!

Chicago is renowned for its thrifting game – with different shops at varying price points, there’s a style of thrifting for everyone. Personally, I love shifting through big racks to find some gems at super low prices (thrift shops, Goodwill, Family Thrift). For those who don’t want to swim through piles of clothes and belts, consignment shops are probably more your style. Consignment shops tend to be more expensive because their inventory was found at the cheap thrift shops – part of the marked up price pays for the time spent at thrift shops searching for the pieces they sell.

Annie’s Tips of the Trade:

Dress for Battle. Most thrift shops do not have dressing rooms, so wear clothing that you can slip things over – leggings, shorts, tank tops.

Sale Days. Find out the sale schedule for your favorite shops – the location I went to most recently has half-priced Saturdays, meaning everything in the store is 50% of the marked price. That really adds up when you’re having a big thrift day.

See the Potential. If you like high waisted shorts or are adventurous with scissors, look in the pants department as well. I found these floral beauties that I transformed into flirty high waisted shorts for the summer (more on that adventure later).

Stay Hydrated & Bring a Snack. Between the two of us, we were in this thrift shop for over 1.5 hours. And it was hot. And we got hangry. And thirsty. The worst place in the world to be hangry is a thrift shop because it’s crowded and overwhelming – and if you’re thinking about your stomach, you’re definitely going to miss out on finding treasures. Luckily we both had water with us, but an ice cream stop at Margie’s afterwards was very necessary.

I snagged all of these items for under $20, making this a highly successful Saturday. Mad props to @thriftastic on gifting me her previous thrift of the vintage red suitcase – thrift from your friends! They have excellent taste 😉


Bag 2

I’ve been using this as my work/computer bag – such a unique piece that never goes out of style!



A new jar for my collection!


Refurbished floral shorts and Ann Taylor shorts!

Dress and Belts


Group Photo 2


Go forth and thrift!


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