The Hanger Struggle

“I am just a hangry person. Hanger, for the unacquainted, is the emotion where hunger and anger intersect, and it is a lonely, terrifying place.” Rebecca Orchant

To all the saints who put up with me when I’m at my hangriest – you deserve a medal. Especially The Boy, who is witness to my stomach monster most often. So much so that he bought me this shirt – and he has come close to making me put it on while I’ve been possessed by the hangry demons.

If you’ve been fortunate to never face a hangry person or be one yourself (HA), the Huffington Post has some great pieces which describe hangry behavior and others which instruct on preventing hanger. Take notes.

My entire life has been a struggle against hanger, which has taught me to carry snacks around wherever I go, but especially on trips or long excursions. I also have a filing drawer at work dedicated to hanger-prevention snacks.

This is an accurate, if nightmare-inspiring, interpretation of the hanger beast.

I don’t always wear ironic t-shirts, but when I do, they’re self-deprecating.

Sorry face

Now, and forever, I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry. I didn’t mean it. I’ll go get some food now.


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