Hunting Sales

Let me preface this by saying I LOVE SALES. Most of my clothes are bought on sale or thrifted and a major point of pride is finding a coveted item for a crazy discount. The best time for these “steals”? When stores are transitioning their fashions from one season to another.

I know, I know, this time of year is about spring cleaning and getting rid of all the extra clothes and clutter (I’ll be posting about that later). Buuuuut that’s a motivation for spring cleaning – filling your new empty drawers and hangers with fresh pieces!

I often buy fall/winter sweaters in the time between spring and summer and vice versa.

Most recent example from Gap (sorry about the wrinkles – Mr. Steamer to the rescue!):

Hard to see, but there is a subtle gold shimmer throughout

Hard to see, but there is a subtle gold shimmer throughout

• Original price: $54.95

• Marked sale price: $15.97

• What I paid: $9.58

I plan to wear my new sweater next fall/winter with leggings or dark skinny jeans and boots/booties for a casually chic look. I’m sure you’ll see it again then!

Inevitably I end up with a few out-of-season pieces from my favorite stores, especially J. Crew, Banana Republic, Gap, and Von Maur. The only downside is that all items need to be tried on in-store; many of these items have lasted so long on the racks because there may be damage, it has an odd fit, or the item was sized incorrectly.

I have bought final sale items in sizes as varying as x-small to an x-large. Occasionally, with today’s vanity sizing and the way clothing is mass produced, there will be an unexpected size that fits. As the Internet Cats say, “If I fits, I sits.” #wisdom

Happy hunting!


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