Artsy Fartsy

Let me preface this post by saying, I fully believe in the timeless saying, “better late than never.” I believe it applies to most things in life, like thank you notes, gifts, and hanging paintings. Particularly difficult-to-hang paintings.

For example. This piece of art I acquired from an estate sale in 2012. Since moving into my current apartment in September, I have had the perfect spot picked out.

Painting on wall

It has only taken me seven months to put up this particular piece. All in good time, amiright?

Aside from my exemplary procrastination skills, another reason this painting has not yet gone up is that it’s a HUGE pain in the unmentionables to hang.

Who has two thumbs and is crazy enough to buy a nine-piece painting? THIS LADY.

I had the help of my wonderfully patient mother last time this painting graced a wall. To prove to myself and all naysayers (family, friends, myself) that my art wasn’t such a waste of time, I declared that I would hang it by myself. {insert dramatic music}

Step one: get out all the pieces from where they have been decorating the inside of a drawer in my TV stand

Step two: lay out enough butcher paper to hold the final shape of the painting

Step three: organize the various pieces into the “right” order (I have lost the picture taken of the original order, so this is my interpretation of the artist’s interpretation of how this painting should hang)

Step four: contemplate my life choices

Step five: outline the shape of each piece with a pencil, followed by thick painter’s tape to evenly space the paintings

Utilizing my preschool skills of tracing!

Utilizing my preschool skills of tracing!


Step six: leave to go shopping. Trust me, I needed a break at this point

Step seven: hang the finished butcher paper on the wall – I used a tape measure and the level on my iPhone to pick the right location/angle


Step seven: using more painter’s tape, I measured the distance from the top of each painting to where the nail should be, and then I put that piece of tape on the butcher paper

CIMG1160 CIMG1161

Step eight: hammer time {plus dance break}

Step nine: hang the paintings to make sure everything looks right and is evenly spaced

Step ten: pull down the butcher paper and hang the paintings for the final results!

Ta Da!

Ta Da!

Only a few hours and 18 nail holes later, a ridiculous piece of art hanging beautifully on the wall. In spite of it all, I still love this painting.


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