Hello internet friends!

Welcome to the inaugural post for My Thought Jar, a birthday present to myself for the big 24. I’ve decided that 2014 is the year of “treat yo self” since I finally got hired for my first big kid job. This motto often becomes justification for new shoes and/or ice cream. But I digress.

After two years of internships and taking full advantage of all free food opportunities (one of these things hasn’t changed), I kept showing up long after I was supposed to be gone, so my team decided to let me stay permanently (yay!).

I love my job/team/company and especially the dinosaur that lives on my desk. Four months later I’ve learned the ropes and I’m settled into MY OWN DESK (guys, this is a VERY big deal).

I have the best desk security in the prehistoric  world

I have the best desk security in the prehistoric world

Even though I can now be defined as a “real person” with a “real job” and “real money,” I still don’t feel like an adult.

It’s this weird transition period of life that I’m currently in alongside my peers: half my friends are getting married (wut) and the other half still live at home, while I just wish I still lived at home (Free laundry? Home-cooked meals? I’m jealous); unpaid internships, first “real” jobs, apartment living, city-dwelling, groceries/cooking, dating, dressing stylishly/professional with the least amount of effort possible … these are just a few of the things occupying my brain space. Space that should be dedicated to remembering basic math skills and all those years of Spanish vocabulary.

When I talk to my friends, it seems like I’m not the only crazy one. I mean … preoccupied one. The random questions like, what does a poor, 20-something wear to a wedding anyway? You mean I can’t wear my leggings? Shoot.

I decided to pool the things I’ve learned here and there, through trial and error (mostly error) into a place for those ever-elusive questions in life. A collection of thoughts if you will. Maybe even thoughts you would keep in a jar, like all the random coins from your purse and the dryer and your friends’ pockets.

So here it is folks (does anyone else still use the word folks? I think I’m an old lady). The weird way I look at the world on display for use in your own life (hopefully) and/or entertainment (probably).

Annnnd since this is a birthday month post, here’s baby Annie!

Baby Annie



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