10 Step Jewelry Display

For ages I’ve been needing a new storage system for my necklaces and bracelets – they were always getting tangled and it was hard to see what I had available when they lived in my drawer. Alongside my dressing room project, my innovative mom recommended transforming these old giant picture frames into classy bulletin boards to display my jewelry from with push pins.

With some trial and error, we created a cheap, easy way to show off my favorite pieces in a way that complemented my new dressing room. Below is the step-by-step process if you have some spare frames hanging around!

1. Take apart the original frames and set aside the frame itself.


2. Cut the cork board to the size and shape of the frame backing – I did this one of two ways:

  1.  Cut the cork all the way to the outside of the backing:  This initially seemed like the right way to go about this, but once we tried to get the frame on, it was a really tight fit.
  2. Cut the cork to fit inside the frame (not to the full outside shape of the backing): This method worked much better because getting the frame back on at the end of the project was not nearly as tight a fit.




3. Glue the cork to the frame backing using crafting glue.




4. Use flat weights (I used encyclopedias) to adhere the cork to the backing.


5. Cut a fabric of your choice to be about 1.5 inches bigger than the backing.

  1. I choose a neutral frame and fabric so that my jewelry would really stand out and be the “art” in the frame.


6. After waiting the glue’s recommended amount of time, place the backing cork-side down on the fabric. Fold the edges of the fabric over and glue down


7. Using chip clips or laundry pins, hold the edges of the fabric in place.


8. Again, after waiting the glue’s recommended amount of time, fit the frames onto the backing.

9. Hang your new frames on the wall!

10. Pick out push pins that fit with your color scheme and evenly space them out for the jewelry.

  1. I already had wooden ones that worked perfectly with the design I had in mind, but you can find all kinds online!


Ta da!

This would work with any size frame – you could even do a gallery wall of small frames holding one or two pieces of jewelry each! Annnnd I just gave myself a future project because that also sounds awesome.

Happy crafting!